Awesome SEO Blogs to Follow

I have compiled a list of the best SEO blogs for bloggers and digital marketers. This list of SEO websites will help you become an SEO expert in your industry. You do not need to buy a beginner SEO course.
As a marketer or bloggers, it is essential to know everything about SEO. Without proper SEO, it is impossible to get Google’s front page position. And we all know the importance of # 1 on Google ranking or on any search engine rankings.

Why do you have to follow these SEO blogs in 2020?

SEO strategies are changing every day. Yes, it used to work a few years ago, now it doesn’t work. Although the basic principle of SEO remains the same, the way SEO is done has changed. But how do you learn about the latest changes in the SEO world? By 2020 you must follow the best SEO blogs to be aware of what is happening around you.

Here are some points I want to mention before moving on.

Google changes weekly algorithms. They can be updated daily or hourly. But in general, we do get updates on a weekly or weekly basis from these SEO blogs. Keep it up, so keep these blogs up to date. You can see my FREE eBook on best SEO eBook practices.

Now what to do after each Google update? This is what people are looking for and these SEO blogs will help you get suggestions or actions from experts. So in 2020 you need to follow these SEO experts.

SEO trends are constantly changing and what works best last year will not work until 2020. So how can we learn or adapt to change? This is why I absolutely love following some of these SEO blogs and applying all of my possible suggestions to my blogs.

The best way to learn SEO is to apply these tactics. For starters, though, we always have a guarantee. And I saw a lot of awesome SEO cases where these SEO experts shared their real-time experiments and what their results were. This means that you can get all this knowledge and learning for free.

How I prepare this list of SEO websites?

For the past 10 years I have been blogging and have seen the best SEO bloggers grow from zero to hero. As I read a lot, I have bookmarked a lot of these awesome websites lately where the top bloggers are sharing very useful and practical SEO tips. So I have prepared this list after following many SEO blogs over the last few years. These are by far the best SEO blogs by 2020. I’m sure more can be added to this list.

My intention with this list with SEO blogs is very simple. I want to create a strong resource article where every beginner will find the best SEO blogs and save time. If you do not find the right resources from the start, you may lose time or even deviate from your goals.

On the other hand, you will always be motivated to read these blogs because these experts are making huge amounts of money from their blogs through different SEO techniques. So, before you start blogging in 2020, you need to properly understand and learn SEO.

42 best SEO blogs by 2020 (the perfect way to become an SEO expert)

For 2020 I have prepared this list of SEO blogs to keep all the popular SEO websites in one place. If you follow them regularly, you won’t lose a single piece of SEO information in the future. So do not do sequencing, as every SEO blog or SEO Blogger is huge. For the convenience of reading and referencing, use the numbers opposite them.

Moz Blog

The Moz blogs was founded in 2004 by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Meussig. Initially, it was known as SEOmoz and was primarily created as a blog and online community where SEO experts used to share their research and ideas.

Later in 2013 in search of broader marketing efforts, SEOmoz introduced Moz. They always develop the largest SEO community and brought radical transparency to the industry. Few authors on the popular Moz blog are Miriam Ellis, Will Critchlow and Britney Muller.

Lock the message

In 2008, Semrush started with its first single goal, which is to make competition online fair and transparent, with equal opportunities for everyone. Some of the top authors of the Semrush blog are A.J Ghergich, Bill Widmer and Kevin Indig.

This blog has many interesting features: it offers organic research facilities, advertising research facilities, backlinks, keyword research and even product announcements. In addition, the SEMRush blog offers a variety of tools.


SEOBook Blog was founded in 2003 by Aaron Wall and his teammates. This blog offers 1. SEO training program. In addition, SEOBook Blog offers various SEO tools and videos, as well as a private member forum.

This SEO blogs is generally famous for marketing commentary, analytical search, online business tip, and general commentary on the evolution of the web from an algorithmic and business model. The first Indian author of SEOBook Blog is Upendra Rana.

Search the Earth

In addition to Search Engine Land with its sister publications, MarTech Today and Marketing Land includes all information related to the digital marketing, advertising technology and technology landscape. One of the most popular SEO blogs is to get all the updates like Google Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and so on.

This blog is a daily publication and information site that includes news from the search engine industry, as well as SEO, PPC and search engine marketing tips, tactics and strategies. Some of the top authors of this blog are Barry Levine, Matt McGee and Brian Massey.


Brian Dean of Backlinko was created by an internationally recognized SEO expert. Initially, he designed this blog to teach lessons learned throughout his career. This is the author’s only blog.

Following the launch of Backlinko, Brian made a quick name for himself by posting useful practical strategies that marketers can use to grow their online business. Backlinko is now one of the most popular online marketing blogs now a days.
Watch this video, I am sure you will fall in love with his knowledge and authority in the SEO niche.

Search Engine Clock

Search Engine Watch provides great tips and information to effectively search the web, explore the search engine industry, and help site owners improve their online business.

SEW invites readers to comment on articles and columns that are very useful for this blog. The authors of the SEW blog are Sergey Rybnik and Jason Tabling.

Yoast SEO Blog

The main role of Yoast blog is to help each website owner rank high on search engines and eventually help them grow their business. This is one of my favorite SEO blogs and I have been following it for a long time.

Yoast’s SEO plug-ins, blog posts, and online courses help attract traffic to both large and small businesses.

Joost de Valka is a famous author of Yoast blog, other authors of this blog are Anneliese van den Berg, Caroline Given and David Mime.

Ahrefs blog

Ahrefs blogs help website owners get better at SEO and marketing with the help of marketing professionals, industry experts, case studies and detailed opinion pieces. They own the best SEO tool in this industry.
This blog is a marketing tool created by a massive index of backlinks, keywords and content. On average, a user on this blog will find a maximum of nine to ten blogs per month. The creator of this blog is Dmitry Gerasimenko.

Search engine roundtable

The founder of the Search Engine Roundtable is Barry Schwartz. The single author blog is a new website with a reputation for posting five to six posts a day starting in December 2003.

This blog ranks at 6240 and the monthly organic search traffic is 83856. Also, the average monthly post is 164. These are mostly short messages, but their purpose is to keep the SEO community updated. .

Neil Patel Blog

This blog is named after the creator of Neil Patel. Together with a team of expert marketers, this blog posts new marketing across all spectrum, including SEO related news. They also publish various videos that are just as useful as blog posts.

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