The Best Instagram Apps to Take Your Post 

  • While the Instagram app itself provides useful functionality, you usually need a little help moving things to the next stage.
  • Fortunately for marketers, there’s no shortage of tools designed to complement your Instagram game. The truth is that many are trying to figure out what will work best for your needs.
  • In this guide, we have compiled the best Instagram apps in 4 important categories:
  • Photo editing: Resize photos and size.
  • Design and Design: Create collages, creative layouts and graphics.
  • Video Tools: Capture, design and edit videos.
  • Audience Engagement, Analytics, and Data: Bring your solutions, develop an audience, and track your results.
  • There are many great Instagram Stories apps. Of course, however, we’ve tackled these on the blog dedicated to the best Instagram Stories apps.
  • Some of the tools in this post are free, others are freemium (the basic product is free, however, with additional features costing you money), while others charge money in advance or have a perpetual monthly fee.
  • When you are just starting out, try to get the free tool to make sense of what you need first, and then move on to more paid tools, as you’re ready to take your Instagram game to the next level.
  • The best Instagram apps for marketers.

Photo Editing


  • Why you should try it
  • VSCO is one of the largest and most original mobile photo editing applications.
  • It is so prevalent that nearly 195 million Instagram posts work on the #VSCO hashtag.
  • The free version makes your phone look like it was taken in a movie, along with photo and contrast editing tools.


  • Why you should try it
  • Developed by Google, this particular edition of Instagram works on JPG and RAW files, making it a powerful tool for professional photographers.
  • Beyond filtering your images, doing photo editing can be like removing image elements (or people), adjusting the geometry of buildings, and using curves to control image brightness.

Color story

  • Why you should try it
  • Named Apple’s “App of the Day” and “Best New App,” Color Story offers filters and presets designed by professional photographers and influencers.
  • There are also some advanced editing tools and you can make and save custom filters to develop the unique look of the brand.
  • Grid scheduling tools help ensure that the entire Instagram network is unified and cohesive.


  • Why you should try it
  • When you need a high-level professional editor that can handle both RAW and non-RAW images, consider Prime.
  • This powerful Instagram app delivers more color and maximum resolution to saved images.
  • He also edits live photos. This means that the same effects will be used for the part of the movement.
  • Not a post-production expert? No problem. Prime offers smart style ideas based on the unique color, content and format of a photo.
  • Design and design applications.

Design on Instagram

  • Why you should try it

Developed by Instagram, the Layout is a simple photo-rich mixer. Immediately, he combines “multiple images” into 9 different combinations to form a collage. You can choose to shoot or shoot the camera as you go with the built-in photo booth. It is then up to you to adjust the dimensions, filters and loading of each box.

Adobe Spark Post

  • Why you should try it

Combine images with Adobe designs and fonts to make your Instagram creative graphics perfect. When you are missing your images, you can also choose from thousands of free photos directly within this Instagram app. Graphics without photos could also be made, seeing an attractive method for sharing text-based messages on social media.

A design kit

  • Why you should try it

From the makers of A Color Story, this Instagram design is full of fonts to customize your posts. Talented illustrators also have unique stickers made specifically for the application. Most importantly, you have plenty of brushes to pencil out from the pen, so you can start drawing your Instagram pictures.

Promo Republic

  • Why you should try it

PromoRepublic gives you access to over 100,000 templates and images with content suggestions and ideas based on your industry. There are templates for events, vacations, trends and certain events, including dark dates like National Bacon Day or National Vision Board Day. With the integration of PromoRepublic Hootsuite applications, you can directly access PromoRepublic content and share it from the Hootsuite Clipboard.


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