Can I blog with my Android phone?

You get on the bus – everyone in the area is on their phones. You’re on the subway – everyone is on their phones. Everywhere you look, people seem to not use their phones.

Nowadays, you can do everything with just this little device. We have so much information, applications, and software that we don’t have to use smartphones to use a laptop. Smartphones are very handy and lightweight, which also has a great advantage for those who have to travel a lot carrying different devices.

I never thought of using a work phone and falling short of my expectations for writing, editing, and editing articles. And I never thought I’d start a blog from my smartphone. A couple of years ago it seemed so uncomfortable to write a blog post on your phone, but with voice recognition systems it was easier than writing your text.

Smartphone statistics are staggering: the number of smartphone users is projected to reach 2.87 trillion people by 2020. Those numbers are very approximate and in my opinion, the total number will be much higher.

Due to the rapid development of technology, smartphones have almost become pocket-sized computers. They are super versatile and fully functional. And even if you are a blogger and computer-dependent, you can transfer your blog to your smartphone and use it whenever you want.

  • Do you also have a complete idea for blogging from your phone?
  • Want some practical tips on how to launch your phone from your blog?

Here are some tips and apps you can use on smartphone blogs.

Build Your Blogs Active through Social Medias

Social media has become a part of our daily live. Everyone talks about social media addiction, but it has become more than just a plaything. Social media platforms have given us the ability to promote business and communicate with the general public.

If you are running a blog, the first thing you can do on your phone is the active social media support. Post your blog articles, post on social media. Everything can be done on your phone. Besides, most platforms and features are accessible only through smartphone applications, so start using your smartphone to activate your blog on social media.


According to 2018, the number of mobile search engine users in the US has reached 207.6 million in the US, so it is advisable to use the phone and search the Internet.

You can also research your blog articles from your smartphone, as well as running a blog. Smartphone browsers allow you to save pages and create bookmarks, so there’s no need to use a laptop for research.

Reply to comments

Communicating with your followers is essential, both on social media and in your blog posts. Bloggers often don’t have the time to respond to comments, but you have time to save and get them on your phone.

Voice text messages

The voice recording feature allows you to tell the blog article directly on your phone without having to type anything.

You can also sketch the mail by counting it on your phone and transferring it to your laptop. Apps like Evernote or Microsoft OneNote allow you to sync your data with other connected devices. This way you can’t just keep blogging, you can keep everything in one place.

Plan content

Using the same applications as I mentioned in the previous point, you can plan your future content, brainstorm and creative approaches. Once again, smartphones are very versatile and it is advisable to use them from time to time. So, when you have an idea, you can turn your phone down and forget about it.

Blog apps for your phone

If you have decided to start your blog solely from your phone, you need to select and download applications that will fit your phone to your needs.

To start running your blog only from your smartphone, you must use the following applications:

Platform for blogs

If you already have a blog from a laptop, I highly recommend following the host platform as it will allow you to transfer everything to a mobile version and save all your messages.

However, if you are just getting started, there are many options for you:

WordPress: This is a classic platform that gives you everything you need for a blog class. There are many plugins and tools at your disposal. You can also download and read more about the WordPress platform. You can use the WordPress mobile app to blog.

Blogger: Owned by Google, this platform is easier to use than WordPress, but it also doesn’t have many of the features of WordPress. However, it is a perfect platform for beginners as it offers all the basic features of the blog.

Wix: The platform is relatively new compared to the previous two. It uses simple tools and drags and drops. So it is very easy to create a blog. It has a mobile editor and other tools that you can access on your phone. So, this is a decent platform to use if you want to start your website from your smartphone alone. The SEO platform is helpful, Wix provides a tool called SEO Wiz.

Text editors

When you run a blog from your smartphone, you need at least one additional application to edit and edit your articles. Those who use a WordPress editor can understand it: it doesn’t do the job properly.

I prefer to use Google Docs on my phone because I already know the interface on my computer after using these programs. You can choose any other text editor, what you expect from an application and what you expect.

Graphic Content Editors

We all know that a blog post will be boring if you don’t add some photos. It may seem difficult to edit a photo for your blog from your smartphone, but it’s easier than taking a laptop. They have a very easy-to-use interface for all photo editing applications. So don’t be afraid.

This is one of my favorites:

PicMonkey: This is a powerful editing tool that you can use from your smartphone. It has many useful features: creating a collage, editing a photo, creating cool layouts, and more.

VSCO: It is a professional photo editing application, which has many excellent filters for your images. Some of these are not free, but there are still many options that can create a stunning image in your next post.

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