Is Huawei P40 is Google-free smartphone

post-Google era

Chinese drove Huawei into post-Google era. It is because the US authorities blacklisted Chinese group now Huawei used none of smartphone maker’s apps in their smartphone.

Now the upcoming Huawei P40 might not be first Google-free smartphone, but this phone will show its powers to all other users which are using Google technologies it will create a tempt to Android users.


Chinese Mobile Company Huawei mobile could contain security equipment’s that can spy on global communication it is concerned by US. While the Chinese denied that allegation, on this allegation Chinese companies decided to forbid working with US companies.

This means Huawei will have to forget about google operating system and all apps running on it and available on it .

Huawei was the second largest smartphone seller and maker in the world after Samsung now this year Huawei had to face a challenge to produce an alternating Operating system for its user that will attract both developer and users.


It is heard this year on youtube, that Huawei P40 smartphone sold this year in France, Italy and Germany are using an European search engine (Qwant) unlike of Google. Huawei now producing Google free smartphones after its first Google free smartphone model in year 2019. But it not declared yet that when Huawei will completely switch on Google-free smartphones.


The P40 will be available for general public after 7th of April at a price from 799 to 1399 Euros or $880 to $1540 depending upon specification of model.

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