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Mangago is an illegal site which publish comics without permission of artist and writer. It is an illegal activity to publish a comic after buying a physical copy of comic. These kinds of websites just scan the comic and simply upload every comic on their site. You remembered in old school days you heard about making copies of PC Games, but you did not hear about copy of manga. The same is happening here they are coping the comics on their websites.

Is Mangago shutdown?

Are you reading a manga series and you do not have enough money to buy new series of manga. Then you don’t need to worry about new series of manga because is offering new series free of cost.  The question arise here, why they are offering new series free of cost.

Yes! I have your answer. Just to get traffic on their site. They just buy a single copy of new series and upload it on their site. After uploading they get huge traffic and earn money illegally. That was the reason their site became down many times. But it is not completely shut down permanently.


Basically, Manga is word originated from Japanese language which simply means comic or graphical novel. It is very common in japan and United States to read manga. Even in japan people of every age read manga or comic series. They have a habit to read comics instead of watching television. Manga have many types like action, adventure, comedy, drama, science fiction and romance.

In 1950’s Manga became rapidly increasingly publishing industry in japan. After 1980’s Manga become so popular in United States and japan and other near by countries. In late 90’s Comics became more revenue generator of many European countries.

 Mangago In United States

In late 70’s manga or comic has made their way in United States market. Mangago became very successful in United States of America. In late 80’s Manga proved to survive in USA. Cartooning became a proper field in USA. Comics started to generate massive income. Which results in the production of Magazine comics.

Mangago In Europe

Manga influenced European countries even France and Italy borrowed artist from Japan. They started cartooning in a different way as it was in USA. In late 70’s manga industry become so popular in Europe. It started to generate a massive amount of revenue. In early 2000’s comic industry became a popular industry in Europe. It generates a lot of famous comic series.

Webtoons Mangago

As manga became popular in Asia, Europe and America. So, they think to start it on websites which officially starts publishing the comics. Nobody started webtoons and they decided to keep on printing it physically. At that time famous comic site comico had started traditional manga webtoon Market. It was only one at that time after few years a Korean brand started licensed sale of manga webtoons. This leads to another service named as picoma. These three are the only webtoon seller officially. After few times, many people started illegal sale of comics on their websites.

Download the Mangago App

Their are many websites which are offering many Apps to read manga. If you want to read it online you can also download the app.

download Mangago

Conclusion always recommend you buy an authentic copy of manga. It is because the writer put his effort to write the manga. This cost of buying manga put food on his table. The writer will bear the expenses of his/her house. If you buy comics then the writer will write more excited and adventurous series next time. Please support the writers so that could survive easily in the globe.




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