The Top Local SEO Blogs to Read in 2020

Keeping up to date with the changing world of local SEO can be time consuming. As great local marketers share success and knowledge, local business experts can reach out to a broad community. However, with so many great publications and blogs out there, what should you bookmark?

Every year we ask our customers, readers and the broad local search industry to tell us about their 3 favorite local blogs. We gather these results to create a comprehensive list of news, views and resources to help you update the industry. These blogs should not only focus on local SEO, but should also be published frequently on specific topics for local businesses.

Thanks to the 370 merchants who voted for their favorite. Respondents had 3 votes in the last year who shared periodic SEO overviews to use from a list of 39 publications. If there is someone who deserves a place next year in the list of the Best Local SEO Blogs, let us know in the comments below.

Well done to those who find lists! Congratulations a small part of you is on your way.

Best Local SEO Blogs

  • BrightLocal
  • Moz Local
  • DealerOn
  • Blumenthals
  • Search Engine Land


Well, this is difficult …

This year, the BrightLocal blog was the most voted source of local SEO views and news. Of course, since it is promoted to be a favorite among our email listings and social media viewers, there is a huge fan following from our readers (however, it is worth mentioning that when we did this last poll, we were definitely lower at number 4). We contacted every publication presented to announce that the vote was open, and we invited them to share their vote with their audience to really get the word out.

2019 is a great time for the BrightLocal blog. In line with our new brand, we recently launched our idea site, Bright Ideas. For the first time, we combine industry news, useful resources, expert seminars and highly cited research to read in one place, and are now proud of the top navigation of the place.

In the content, we match our opinions with the wisdom of our local coal experts with the wisdom of local SEO experts. We are extremely grateful to the contributors for sharing their experiences with us.

Our growing team has some great ideas this year. So make sure you sign up for our newsletter as soon as it’s released! And if you have a topic that you would like to love especially, post it in the comments below.


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Moz Local

Moz Blog is a great resource for network marketers to try out unique insights, research and techniques for SEO. The extensive Moz Blog releases regular publications for marketers who are regular and highly available, and the weekly slate brings inspiration at the end of each week.

Moz’s Local SEO section reviews periodically for specific areas of local marketing. This section, led by Miriam Ellis for the most part, often shares unseen reviews and tests to help local businesses and marketers. Local SEO experts Ben Fisher, Dana DiTomaso and Tom Capper also provide detailed insights.

And of course, Moz Darren Shaw is useful for the annual Local Search Factor Survey. It is an essential tool for all local marketers.


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DealerOn blog

Led by renowned local SEO Greg Gifford, DealerOn’s blog focuses on knowledge and news for car dealers and automotive business audiences. It is also a great source of inspiration for a wide audience.

Last year, the winner of our Top Blog survey, DealerOn content is often featured on a video and offers a convenient transcript of those who prefer to read their blogs.

Greg and the team come straight in, offering practical tips and tricks that local marketers may not have thought of, most notably Google My Business.


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Mike Blumenthal’s blog, Blumenthal, regularly publishes data-driven cases, news reports and new tactics based on Mike’s local marketing experience.

Mike never mixes his words and often shares his honest opinions about what needs to be done to improve the local SEO industry. Of course, it has been seen that Mike has been making his Local U available for “Last Week in Local,” as well as on his GatherUp blog.

Blumenthal often delves into new issues, providing a fresh perspective on topics never discussed in the industry. Mike is often the first to identify a new trend, and offers unique comments and experience-based evidence to help his listeners know what steps to take.


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Search Engine Land

Search Engine Earth is one of the most important news sources for the search industry, with a wide range of local news and detailed insights.

This section includes news from Greg Sterling and the Search Engine Land team, with expert helpers (our very own Jamie Pitman!)

For many, Search Engine Land is the place to break SEO news. Our industry also frequently publishes case studies of excellent local search experts. The high circulation of Search Engine Earth means that local trends are seeing a wide audience, and it may be useful to alert others to issues that are affecting local SEO today.


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